Facilities Service Center, Inc. is a full service facilities maintenance contractor and our service area in the North American Continent, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We service all of the US and Canada with fast response times, knowledgeable technicians and highly competitive pricing. Facilities Service Center, Inc. specializes in commercial / retail property and restaurant maintenance functions; interior and exterior building repair, build-outs, tenant improvements, as well as equipment repair and maintenance.

Facilities Service Center, Inc. covers all trades and specialties; plumbing, heating & cooling, electrical & lighting, roofing, storefronts & glazing, drywall & painting, carpeting & flooring, doors & locks, masonry, concrete and asphalt. We have preventative maintenance and inspection programs for fire extinguishers, water heaters & boilers, back-flow testing, roof inspection and HVAC equipment. We provide 24/7/365 emergency on-call services for all major trades, board-up & locksmith services and flood & fire disaster recovery.

Facilities Service Center, Inc. can accomplish the work for you quickly and accurately; our motto is “Any job, anywhere, any time.” Moreover, Facilities Service Center, Inc. can deliver added value with a our competitive national pricing structure for service calls, complete & competitive bids for larger projects and you also save time by being able to resolve any issue with only one call to our national dispatch center.

In our national dispatch center, our knowledgeable staff receive repair service call requests and dispatches the appropriate technician for the type of work requested. Our staff monitors the technician through the initial response and estimation of the needed repairs, gathers all details of the requested service and costs while the technician is on site, then advises the customer of the repair requirements and the costs to seek approval prior to completing the repair. Once approval is given, our staff monitors the completion of the service call repair.

In the event that a service call requires a large amount of work, or for larger preplanned projects, our technicians survey the on site conditions, material & labor requirements and then our in house estimators review all of the job specifications and generate a bid to complete the requested project. In all cases, our staff keeps the customer apprised of the progress of the service call repair or project bidding process.

For details on obtaining services and quotes, or to set up a preventative maintenance plan, please contact us. For a more detailed description of our services, visit our services page.