About FSC


Facilities Service Center, Inc. is a general contractor and provider of excellent facilities maintenance and repair. Our knowledgeable, competent and personable staff has been providing excellent service to our customers for more than a dozen years. We provide timely and accurate service to our customers at highly competitive prices. Whether you need tenant improvements, build-outs, on call repairs, cost saving maintenance plans or emergency services, we can provide cost effective solutions.

Facilities Service Center has completed many thousands of jobs each year for our retail, restaurant and property management clients. We have invested heavily in the technology needed to deliver services at low cost. We designed and built custom job tracking software that allows or staff to get the personnel needed to your job fast, accurately determine the best solution for the immediate need, generate an accurate cost and update you, the customer, at every phase of the work.

Aside from the technology, we also have seasoned staff members who know how to deliver good pricing and customer service with a single point of entry into the repair or bid process. We assign our customers an account manager with dedicated staff members to dispatch, track, estimate and see each job, no matter its scope, through to completion. Our staff works closely with your staff to ensure that the right job gets done at the best price.

Our 24 hour emergency services and disaster recovery services are a major benefit to our customers and we do all that is in our power to resolve your emergency issue an keep costs down on these services. Our resourceful on call staff considers each jobs needs before acting and that equates to savings every time. We can also interface with your insurer so that you get the best claims settlement when disaster strikes.

We also know that your facilities department gets many such pitches from other service providers on a regular basis, so we’ll be happy to let you try us out without cost – yes, we will provide prospective customers with free second opinion estimates and quotes. If you have any substantial quote from another provider and you need to get additional bids, we give them to you to prove our competitive nature and introduce you to outstanding service. Please contact us today for any facilities maintenance need or to discuss how we can cut your repair budget.